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Our mission is simply perfection

The design of a yacht, including its form, technology and interior reflects the personality of the people involved in its construction and development. The design, however, is essentially dependent on the functionality of the space and the individuality of its owner.

The fitouts we provide are functional and practical and of highest standard, yet stylish and individual, down to the smallest detail. We create perfect solutions using modern know-how and materials and the experience of more than one century of craftsmanship.

This is how we bring your individual style and personality to life.

Planning, construction, production, assembly

Everything within one team

Cohrs Werkstätten is a team of people who deliver top quality craftsmanship to their customers every day. From our experienced project managers, designers, engeneers. master carpenters, carpenters in joinery and other crafts, through to our administrative staff, all are specialists in their field.


qualified employees


years of experience


exclusive interior constructions

Our Expertise


Our Project Managers and Planners are the people who guide the project, translating customer and design specifications into realistic plans and perfect solutions down to the finest detail. Our commitment is to deliver “in Quality, in Time, within Budget”. Together with our experienced teams, partners and subcontractors, we guarantee a magnificent feeling of your interior.


Skilled craftsmen – led by master joiners, technicians and engineers – test new materials, plan the perfect production processes and use all their experience and creativity to customize your interior in traditional handcraft, supported by high-tech machines and computerized technical equipment.


With the assembly of the puzzle, of thousands of individual parts and components from a wide variety of trades, does a masterpiece come together. Our assemblers, joiners and master craftsmen are all individualists yet team players at the same time. For only together can perfection be achieved on both a grand scale and in the finest detail.


Project Management & Construction

Skilled Planning and stringent Process Management are the Keys to Success

Our 11-member project team of timber engineers, timber technicians, master joiners and sales people manage the communication between all parties involved. They organize and plan each project using the latest management and planning tools.

The most important task at the beginning of each project is to clearly define the goal and all associated conditions and requirements. While a new fitout requires perfect planning down to the smallest detail before work can commence, a refit will require parallel planning and execution. This will determine all further processes.

Clear communication between all parties is also important. The exchange of information between the client, designers, construction management and external trades as well as subcontractors and suppliers within our organization, makes it possible to plan for and take into consideration any potential hurdles, specific conditions or special requests in advance.

Successful coordination guarantees a well-planned and trouble-free project.

Production & Assembly

Our mission is simply perfection

Precision, concentration, craftsmanship, dedication and taking joy and pride in our work are the qualities that distinguish our team as a whole – from our trainees to our highly qualified master craftsmen. The love of materials, precise workmanship and flawless surfaces creates the perfect finished product.

Only perfectly planned and manufactured joinery allows for seamless and problem-free installation. No compromises are made during execution to ensure that form and function ultimately becomes the perfect unit.

Innovative and exceptional materials

are used for an elegant appearance and perfect feel


and more various substances and materials

Bis zu 70

work steps per component


and more surface coatings


Mission statement:

Taking responsibility

We take responsibility for the community and the environment.

As a service provider and employer, we are particularly committed to the careful use of natural resources. The environmentally friendly processing and treatment of renewable natural wood determines our actions.

We take responsibility for the well-being of the people.

Natural wood as a material is associated with beauty and warmth. In modern living and working environments it contributes to the well-being of our customers. Our craftsmanship gives form and function to modern and traditional materials.

We take responsibility for the future.

In our organization we permanently employ and prepare four trainees for the demands of a professional trade life. We see the promotion of young talent and the further training of specialist staff as an investment in the future.

Our Employees

Specialists In Their Field

The heart of our organisation!

Most of our joiners and management staff were trained in our organisation and have been with us for many years. The craftsmen are without exception trained joiners, often further educated into master craftsmen and/or wood technicians, some to highly qualified wood engineers.

We invest a great deal in the training of our employees, as only continuous learning makes excellent performance possible. We are equally committed to promoting our team spirit. Mutual trust and cooperation in the workplace must be well balanced, so that our respect for each other is also reflected in our work. And: Work should be fun!

This is how we transform skills and enjoyment into products of highest quality.

Numbers, Facts and Figures




company premises


factory floor


Craftsmanship from Tradition and Modernity

Cohrs Werkstätten GmbH is a fifth generation family-run company and stands for:

  • Professional Competence
  • Modern Management
  • Environmentally Friendly Production
  • Teamwork

Cohrs Joinery was first mentioned by name as early as 1836. The official founding year of the traditional company is 1881, when the then owner Heinrich Cohrs started the family business in the Lower Saxony town of Fahrenholz. In 1933 the company moved to its current location in Bad Fallingbostel. The owner-managed joinery was restructured into a GmbH & Co. KG in 1985 and since 2003 Cohrs Werkstätten GmbH has existed in its current legal form. In 2022 Cohrs Werkstätten GmbH was taken over by Austrian family company List General Contractor GmbH. In every phase of the company’s history, the masterful execution of the joinery trade has always been top priority of the company policy. Our continuous further development of the range of services we offer has earned us the respect and recognition of our customers, as well as renowned interior architects, architects and designers.


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